This is a fantastic high chair. Extremely sturdy, adjustable height for different table heights. So easy to clean. The seat portion can also come off the legs to become a booster seat on a chair. In great condition. Only used for one child and purchased new by us. There is a scuff on the tray ( picture in comments). The seat also reclines so younger babies can still join the family at the table.
Great carrier Works well 1 PC of buckle snap broke . But doesnt effect use . Still snaps together fine and holds If desired could purchase a new on for about $6 off Amazon. Great price for an comfortable hiking carrier Pick up cobble hill Xposted
Car with "gas can". In fair condition. Some wear and tear around the white plastic on wheel "hub caps" "Runs fine!"
Sample sizes Trade for wipes or diapers size NB or 1 (preferably pampers but will consider any)


White, easy-to-clean desk with IKEA KRILL metal legs. Width is 47 inches and depth is 23.5 inches
Lovely wooden night stand with removable drawers. Cream colored finish. Classic and chic. Perfect for bedroom, bathroom or closet Size: width 21 inches, depth 15 inches, height 26 inches
Convenient, mobile Night Stand. It s easy to clean and light weight with removable drawers. Height is 23.5 inches, depth is 15.75 inches, width is 16.5 inches.
Classic wood step ladder. Step unfolds to preserve space. Easy to tuck away. Height: 18 inches, depth: 9.5 inches, width: 15.5 inches


White dresser with beige/gray door panels. Funky and perfect size for a closet or bedside Size: 19.5 inches deep, 23.5 inches wide and 25.5 inches tall
This chair is designed to support your lower back and to position your body for healthy and comfortable seating. It is a simple and sturdy chair in a timeless and ergonomically solid design.

Shoe Rack

House your shoes with style. Wrought Iron Shoe Rack. Modern yet classic. Perfect to show off one s collection while still being easy to clean. Two levels both 36 inches across.